Shirley graduated from New York Institute of Photography in November 1991. Her photographs have been published in several magazines and calenders, and have won awards both nationally and internationally. Beginning in 1988 and each year thereafter,her photos have been included in THE BEST OF PHOTOGRAPHY ANNUAL, which is published by PHOTOGRAPHERS FORUM magazine.

For the last three years she has had photos accepted for the Austrian Super Circuit,the largest photo salon in the world. In 1999 she received medals both in Austria and South Africa.

Fantasy and futuristic,spacey things fascinate her. At the same time she is an incurable romantic who loves flowers and the wild natural settings. Her latest thrill is using the computer to bring her imagination to life. Shirley enjoys creating art that is pleasurable and uplifting and sometimes amusing.

Shirley's work is available in prints as well as selected works for posters. Visit her galleries for more of her art and contact information.

 Shirley Cross Gallery