I believe sometimes, some forms…objects…moments…like silence, absorbs the mind, frees it of petty detail, and serves as a visual guide…a means for penetrating through the 'realm of multitudes'. The mind freed of 'logic' and 'formal definitions' can overcome the rational and cross into a world devoid of labels and categories. Where 'understanding' comes before analytical comprehension. Where the specificity of line, contour, pattern is done away with. Where 'meaning' is not sought anymore…in the rational sense. Where the picture does not 'fit' a category and does not articulate an 'ideal' recognizable form… It is then that it begins to appeal to our sense of shape…texture…tone…our feel for solidity. It allows us to roam free of restraint into areas of darkness and light…free to form other associations and form other alliances.

 Subir Chaterjee Gallery